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You want to synchronize your job ads or your complete career site with Google for Jobs?

With our custom job crawler, your jobs are automatically extracted, prepared and submitted to Google. All jobs go through our manual quality assurance process, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

The job crawler is included in the Business and Enterprise packages and requires no additional cost to set up.

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Advantages of the job crawler

Most companies also post their job advertisements on their website. Corporations and larger companies often devote an entire area to the topic or operate a separate career portal.

If the job advertisements are to be sent to Google for Jobs from the website or the career portal, our job crawler is a very convenient solution.

As soon as the job crawler is set up, it automatically detects all changes to the job advertisements on your website and transmits them to Google for Jobs . Before your job advertisements are submitted, they go through manual quality assurance.

Especially with many job advertisements, this reduces the maintenance effort enormously, as you do not have to maintain your job advertisements in another place and keep them up to date.

But smaller companies also benefit from the job crawler, as it runs constantly in the background and you don't have to worry about anything else.

  1. No double maintenance

  2. Automatic update

  3. Quality assurance before submission to Google


After your order, a job crawler will be set up that is individually tailored to your website. All we need is a link to the overview page of your job advertisements . This serves as an entry point for the crawler.

Google for Jobs needs some information about the job advertisement and the company so that the relevant position can be listed. If critical information is missing from your job advertisements, we will store standard values ​​for you.


Once the job crawler has been set up and activated, it continuously monitors your website or career portal for changes. It recognizes when a new position is hired or changed , but also when a position is filled and can no longer be found on your website.

The job crawler can be booked as a supplementary service to our packages . Depending on which package you have booked, you have a certain number of job slots available that can be used and monitored in parallel.

quality assurance

Our job crawler is different from other fully automated job crawlers. Since the quality of your listing on Google for Jobs is very important to us, all job advertisements that our job crawler finds go through a manual quality control . For example, it is checked whether the formatting fits and, if necessary, adjusted so that Google can process the information.

Regardless of whether you are posting a new job on your website or editing an existing job, your job ad goes through the quality assurance process before it is published on Google for Jobs.


After approval by quality assurance, your job advertisements will be sent to Google for Jobs. New vacancies or changes to existing vacancies are then online in the Google job search after a short time .

Our job crawler automatically detects when a job advertisement can no longer be found on your website and also sends the request for deletion to Google.

This means that your jobs are always up to date.

Evaluation and reporting

Of course, you can also use the full range of SEO for Jobs functions with the Job Crawler. The functions for evaluation and reporting are particularly interesting in combination with the job crawler. You can use it to monitor the success of your recruiting campaign at Google for Jobs .

Function overview


The Job Crawler is included in the Business and Enterprise packages:

Setup price: Free of charge

Manual quality assurance is already included in the price.


The Job Crawler is a useful additional function that automates the administration and synchronization of your job advertisements with Google for Jobs. With the Job Crawler, you don't have to worry about listing your job advertisements on Google - this happens completely without your intervention and is in good hands with us.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to use the Job Crawler or if you are unsure whether it is a useful addition for you.

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