What is Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs is an extension of regular Google search that specializes in job searches. It pops up when Google detects that the search query is a job posting. Click here for a detailed introduction to Google for Jobs.

How do I access Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs can't be accessed directly. Google recognizes that the search query is a job search, and then displays the Google Jobs box in the normal search. You can use the following simple instructions to force Google for Jobs to appear:

  • Launch the browser

  • Open www. google.com

  • Search for "jobs near me" (or alternatively, search for "project management job").

  • Scroll down a bit until the blue Google Jobs box appears in the search results page with job suggestions

  • Click on "Jobs

  • Google for Jobs will then open

What does Google for Jobs do for me?

Google is the largest search engine in the world. Every day, millions of people search for jobs on Google. 72% of job searches start on Google

So it would be negligent not to use the reach of Google to present your job offers to potential candidates.

Get your job listings ready for Google for Jobs now.

When is Google for Jobs available in United States of America?

The service has been available inMay 2017United States of America since and has already established itself in numerous neighboring countries (see official list of Google). The list is constantly growing and other European countries such as Spain and the UK are already benefiting from the service.

Why is Google for Jobs better than job boards?

The vast majority of job boards charge horrendous fees per job ad. These are justified as the job boards have many thousands of visitors daily.

Google, however, has millions of visitors daily and provides Google for Jobs free of charge. We only charge a fair price for the technical preparation of your job ads for Google for Jobs.

So it is foreseeable that traditional job boards will lose relevance. Or do you still use city maps for navigation?

Does Google for Jobs cost money?

Google is a search engine and its goal is to make everything searchable. The inclusion in the Google index does not cost money. Only the expenditure for technical preparation and supply by our service result here.

How do my job advertisements get to Google?

The magic word here is"structured data". These are code snippets, invisible to the user, which contain the job advertisements in a structured form and comply with Google's technical specifications. Google searches websites for structured data and uses this to display job offers on Google for Jobs.

With our service you can easily prepare your job advertisements for Google for Jobs. No access or adaptation of the website is necessary.

Does my website need to be adapted for Google for Jobs?

If you want to implement Google for Jobs yourself, it is necessary to adapt and reprogram your website. Please have a look at our Instructions website.

However, there is also the option of using external services, such as SEO for Jobs. SEO for Jobs has been working on this issue since the introduction of Google for Jobs, and has created a service that makes it possible makes it very easy to post jobs on Google for Jobswithout having to make any adjustments to the website.

Can I use Google for Jobs without a website?

Normally, it is a requirement to have the job listing published on the website. With the Solution from SEO for Jobs it is however also possible to use for example a PDF with the job advertisement. So you do not need a website.

Why is Google for Jobs not being displayed?

If the Google job box is not showing up, it could be due to a variety of reasons.

  • Google needs to recognize that the search is a job search. For example, type "project management job" into Google once and the blue Google job box should show up.

  • Unfortunately, Google for Jobs does not support the Internet Explorer browser. Try searching for a job on Google again using a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

  • Google for Jobs may not yet be available in your country. You can find a list of available countries here: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/job-posting#region-availability

Why do I only see three job ads?

Google only shows a small selection of job ads on the search results page (SERP abbreviation for: Search Engine Result Pages). By clicking on "Jobs", you can launch Google for Jobs and see more results.

Why doesn't my job ad appear?

Google's job board is designed to establish a regional connection between searchers and job listings. So if you start a job search from Hamburg and search for "software developer job", for example, you will only be shown job offers in the vicinity of Hamburg. By explicitly specifying a location in the search, you can also display job offers from other locations. For example, you would have to search for "software developer job Munich" to be presented with job offers for Munich. In addition, as with web search, job ads can also be optimized for Google for Jobs.

Why does my job already appear on Google for Jobs?

There are several reasons why your job ad may already appear on Google for Jobs.

  • Schema data is stored on your website

  • You've posted your job ad on a platform that also publishes it on Google for Jobs

  • Your job ad was read by a provider and published without your consent and approval

If your job advertisement is already listed without your active intervention, you should take a closer look. Often there are wrong details, wrong logos are used, the job is badly formatted or the job is already filled. With Google for Jobs, it's important to stay in control. For this, you can use specialized services such as SEO for Jobs and decide yourself how your job ad should look like.

Can I advertise on Google for Jobs?

One of Google's main sources of revenue is the sale of ad space to advertisers. These ads are usually displayed as the first results and lead to them being clicked on often.

However, on Google for Jobs it is not (yet) possible to place ads. This is also due to the fact that Google for Jobs is still a very young topic. But it is surely only a matter of time until it will be possible to advertise jobs and to position oneself in the top positions.

How can I optimize my job ads?

As with the normal Google search, it is important to be included in the Google index in the first place, i.e. to ensure that Google is aware of the website or the job advertisement. Then it is important to optimize the job ad (SEO) and work your way up to the top positions. Important for job ads are especially the job title, as well as a correctly deposited place of work.

Please also have a look at our article on Optimization of job ads at Google for Jobs.

How can I see how many applicants I receive through Google for Jobs?

The tracking of SEO for Jobs does not record the number of applications you receive, but only how many views your job ad has on Google for Jobs. Which of the potential applicants actually apply is outside the tracking range of SEO for Jobs. The applications are only in your system, as in most cases this is handled via a contact form or applicant management system.

However, you can find out for yourself if applicants are applying through your ads on Google. To do this, you can look at the UTM parameters:

  • utm_campaign: google_jobs_apply

  • utm_source: google_jobs_apply

  • utm_medium: organic

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